Thirty seconds into the soul of the outrageous anonymous, narrow bridges were clause, forces of violence and delinquency envisage the wind that blows around us, environment becomes shady with junkies, thoughts of shaking the whole world hangs on its power of telekinesis; believes in terrorizing folks, your hypothesis are very ridiculous, you want to make the whole world yours, little wonders why your creator couldn’t have made you with paws and furs like lions in the animal kingdom.

You assume this world is like a dome, where you get souls bored with your unwholesome chromosome; the whole colours in this world. You would ever prefer to reside in your home, delirious when the inhabitants are pleased; your molars become visible when they are enraged, becomes wider with cogitations of massacres, his appalling atrocities still lingers bringing to memory the Adolph Hitler’s, jitters runs down the spine of your ancestors because your conscience is almost heading for the rocks.

You think you are a sybarite, try and live your life right, its not by your might, its getting tight but this is not a fight, or a spite, even the Carbon dioxide traces back its own route, photosynthesis and respiration makes it true, go back to your roots and call a truce, envisage you are on a throne right now, make the whole nation clown because they think its going to happen now.

Nobody wants your kind of crown, your mysterious acts still rings in the hearts of many like it’s a penny pincher; you’ve made people poorer, mourners of strangers endangered by the triggers of snipers, craters that bring forth haters stickers.

Sand dunes isn’t formed in a day, before you get old and become grey, remember the potter owns the clay, get yourself under the sunrays, checkout the way its glory shines till it gets you lay, then the moon takes over like its noon.Don’t get yourself loon, this is just a boon, although the tidal waves passes its shores a times, the sun and moon sticks to their times, and the creation of the world still primes. For really, this soul demands attention, reaction that will hit the whole nation, recreation of a thalamus that needs reincarnation.

Author: Oludotun Babayemi

I work on for profit or not - for - profit projects as a Project Planner, Grant Writer and Information Manager.11 years ago, I started Cloneshouse Nigeria, 10 years ago, I started Follow The Money, with a Colleague in 2012, a citizen-led movement that promotes social accountability in rural communities, which a year after, got registered legally as Connected Development [CODE]. In the past 7 years, I have evaluated projects on Water, Power, Education, Health, Disaster Risk in Nigeria, and West Africa countries with the United Nations and the Japan International Corporation Agency. Education and Fellowships include Stanford University, USA; Obafemi Awolowo University, Nigeria; School of Data, Open Knowledge International, UK; USAID - Crisismappers. I Tweet @dotunbabayemi and am an email away at oludotunbabayemi@gmail.com

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