Alex Porchton, a middle aged new Zealander that belongs to the bourgeoisies wakes up every morning thinking about what each second and hours of the day will look like. His always faced by the challenges of his work, but atimes his fear weighs him down that probably one day, he might lose the Job!

Somewhere, in Sydney, an hour later, Kewell Jones wakes up to a bright morning, and the thought of the foreign exchange market overwhelms him. His always consoled by a little piece his mother gave him at her bedside when she was about leaving the world. It was signed “to my dearest son – the world is always a better plays to live in, it all depends on your perspective to it”.

On the streets of Tokyo houses Nakata Hiroshima’s one stop shop. He had no choice than to sleep in his shop everyday; he said he fears burglars! He just got up and he’s thinking about his wife-Oshino Hiroshima, she just got a job with one of the multinationals and she’s allowed to see her family for just 5hrs in a week! Pretty awful you think.

On the other side of the world is Terry James, the beggar. He wakes every morning by the River Thames, he has no home, but depends on the people on the streets for food. Poor Him- he feels nobody cares about him in the world.

Mattan Yorke, stays on Manhattan in New York, he has more money in his HSBC account than any of his colleagues that just retired from Budweiser. Unfortunately, he’s cancer stricken and lives alone. John and Jane, his two children don’t stay with him any longer because he filed a divorce against their mother.
…what a world we live in, but this will never cease to happen. But one thing is certain, in whatever situation we find ourselves, lets be good to the world. Maybe a time will come when this will all be over, definitely! Thinking when?


The Pygmy Goby lives 50days on planet earth, the shortest lifetime for a vertebrate. But one thing about this creature is that it is fast…mmmm, one begins to wonder what its swiftness adds to its existence in life. Is it that its fastness reduces its lifespan? Or is it that it was just meant to happen that way.

Looking away from those perspectives, it is just that it is not how fast one lives; probably, we should count our days on earth to the path of wisdom. What if I turned 25years four days ago, wouldn’t I count the number of souls have touched.Its certainly a thin line between life and death.But those little seconds spent should be used wisely and kindly and with much passion that the world is going to be a better place.

No one knows when the Pygmy Goby came into existence, but everyone who wishes to tell it to the oceans that its going to last 56days on earth! Could do so. What a minute time to live.
However, whether we live for 56days or 56months and maybe 56years, what we have done will surely be written by our tombstone, and if not it will sleep with us in our grave; perhaps it will live after the names we bore when we were up six feet.

LIFE,they say gets at people but people dont try to get back at life.In my lifetime,I have tried to study different kind of people from different homes and different parts of the world.One thing brings them apart,the ability to be passive.

Being passive is pretty cool but to some people, its painstaking.Look around you today,you’ll definitely see classes:the so called upper class,the bourgeosis,the lower class.Why aint there just 1 class,Its just because some people are proud and nothing pinches their soul.

This might sound absurd,but whats there to life if one doesnt extend that precious hand to his/her neighbour;what goes around comes around.Lets keep it real with the less privileged,you could do a great thing imparting into someone’s life today.It doesn’t have to be financial but it could be educative.All human beings are living magnet,we can attract people,opportunities,favour, and wealth.What we radiate determines what we attract.