LIFE,they say gets at people but people dont try to get back at life.In my lifetime,I have tried to study different kind of people from different homes and different parts of the world.One thing brings them apart,the ability to be passive.

Being passive is pretty cool but to some people, its painstaking.Look around you today,you’ll definitely see classes:the so called upper class,the bourgeosis,the lower class.Why aint there just 1 class,Its just because some people are proud and nothing pinches their soul.

This might sound absurd,but whats there to life if one doesnt extend that precious hand to his/her neighbour;what goes around comes around.Lets keep it real with the less privileged,you could do a great thing imparting into someone’s life today.It doesn’t have to be financial but it could be educative.All human beings are living magnet,we can attract people,opportunities,favour, and wealth.What we radiate determines what we attract.