Today, the world raises awareness for the AIDS/HIV epidemic, a very important date to keep tabs on,consequently, it will augur well to justify the presence of this deadly virus, that has taken away about 25million people from the surface of the earth since it was discovered in 1981.Much has been done and much has been said; Government policies has been thrown at stopping this virus, and international organizations are not sleeping in abating the consequences of HIV.It is pertinent to know that about 47million are been infected by this HIV Virus, about the population of South Africa. Looking at this figure, it seems a little number of people is living with HIV.If this is the population, isn’t this smaller part of the human race that should be taken care of in no time?

The number of anti-retroviral drugs that flies around officially are increasing everyday, but it seems this virus keep doubling the numbers.However,scientist have not relent in their quest to find a lasting solution to this epidemic, with stem cell research increasing and been approved by government of some countries, really the curing days might be near.

Coming down to Africa, the disease seem to be a plague, not much surprised because developing countries will be caught in a web of crisis, the HIV demise being one in a million.Nevertheless, not much of the leaders of these countries are acquainted with these issues, and if the few that are feel less concerned and doesn’t take it as a priority. By 2015, when the Millennium Development Goals of the United Nations is planned to be ending, am sure not much of African countries will meet up. It is just the bitter truth.
Not quite long ago, last month to be precise, the British government announced a grant of a 100million pounds to fight the HIV/AIDS scourge in Nigeria. One will like to ask how much Nigerians live with aids and that If the whole Nigerian population is about 150million, it thus means that these outrageous amounts could provide the whole citizen a retroviral drug. I hope my thoughts won’t fail me.
Moreover, the campaign on using condoms has made people become more promiscuous; since they no there is a protection durex, they use it at anytime. Its quite dishappening seeing the rate of vulnerability rise in our society.Perhaps, abstainance should be upheld in every way and much enlightenment needs to go into this. If you don’t work around it, you can never get it. Good morals should be taught and not the use of preventive methods.Proactiveness means abstinence.

By and large, the international organizations have tried a whole lot, from the United Nations to the World Health Organization and some Non –Governmental Organisation.But much is still to be done especially in developing economies like Africa. Leaders should be enlightened and checked to deliver justifiable services to the grassroot.Much of paperwork is seen, but not much gets down here. It’s pretty sad. Maybe we’ll get there. One day, Am sure!

Author: Oludotun Babayemi

I work on for profit or not - for - profit projects as a Project Planner, Grant Writer and Information Manager.11 years ago, I started Cloneshouse Nigeria, 10 years ago, I started Follow The Money, with a Colleague in 2012, a citizen-led movement that promotes social accountability in rural communities, which a year after, got registered legally as Connected Development [CODE]. In the past 7 years, I have evaluated projects on Water, Power, Education, Health, Disaster Risk in Nigeria, and West Africa countries with the United Nations and the Japan International Corporation Agency. Education and Fellowships include Stanford University, USA; Obafemi Awolowo University, Nigeria; School of Data, Open Knowledge International, UK; USAID - Crisismappers. I Tweet @dotunbabayemi and am an email away at oludotunbabayemi@gmail.com

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