Mrs Dominguez Carlo, dressed in a Calico, met her in Bilbao; she was drowning in her sorrow, because she got her heart blown by a desperado, a gigolo that couldn’t bring her to Eldora do. Invitro could only be her ipso facto! Can we say she’s callow, No! She’s just making her debut. There could be a review, but don’t think there will ensue a clue; this is no voodoo, she’s getting blue, may result into a flu, I’ll advice you get it on the nine o clock news, you need a guru to solve your puzzle, I’m sure twenty million bachelors will be on the queue, really? Atimes you feel like getting crucified because your money can’t get you satisfied. This is no more classified; its intensified and magnified that you might turn to the most glorified who can get this situation nullified.

Get back to your first heartthrob, he sobs around town, he says relationship sucks! Remember when I use to hang around the streets daily, I met this foxy named Angela bailey, her attitude almost got my life shady. She’s lazy and hangs around alleys frenzy. Read in the Rollingstone she hangs around with so many. Dirty, her life was so dreary, this piece is getting heavy. Every 60seconds she wants to go merry, that even the powers of Jumanji can’t make her holy; she smells of corvosieurs like a ’03 biz buggy, naughty! She’s exactly the same girl on Obie. Sorry shorty, I’ll appreciate my own Goldie than your disenfranchised “pony”.

Your progesterone is putting you down so nasty, you walk around like the Diablo Pirelli, silly! What differentiates you from a pygmy, you journey from the streets of Miami to the whole cemetery, and Machiavelli must have laid you so easily! Lewinsky, please save the soul of this girly, forgotten, you could be related to this issue. Like, my world could become chilly, but I pledge, I’ll resist lyrically, unleash all chicks that go phoney. Please change your ways and be diligent and righteous, I still reign in my territory like the Sultan of Brunei

Razzmatazz of the twin towers brought us into searching for the Alqueda’s, invaders who jagged their ass into carcass, Baghdad and Basra besieged by war martyrs, warfare that brought scars into the life of some Chinese and Honk Kong pals.
Second verse invaded by the so called SARS virus that has turned houses into bars like you have been under arrest by the “SARS”. Maybe these world powers will still move to the Mars, please stop the class, the mars is not made for their ass, let every country burn and destroy their weapons of mass destructions and distractions.

For those who wont let us be, I’m the MVP, chilling on a 512MB, unleashing all the bees that sting the deeds of these countries, lets build bridges that link two cities and not tomahawks that hit citizens, diseases with no vaccines. Victims of these circumstances, your voices are heard in this world of ours, everyone knows his hours in numbers; forgive us and never hesitate to pray for us, we are changing this course to bring an end to the curse on these four walls.

Author: Oludotun Babayemi

I work on for profit or not - for - profit projects as a Project Planner, Grant Writer and Information Manager.11 years ago, I started Cloneshouse Nigeria, 10 years ago, I started Follow The Money, with a Colleague in 2012, a citizen-led movement that promotes social accountability in rural communities, which a year after, got registered legally as Connected Development [CODE]. In the past 7 years, I have evaluated projects on Water, Power, Education, Health, Disaster Risk in Nigeria, and West Africa countries with the United Nations and the Japan International Corporation Agency. Education and Fellowships include Stanford University, USA; Obafemi Awolowo University, Nigeria; School of Data, Open Knowledge International, UK; USAID - Crisismappers. I Tweet @dotunbabayemi and am an email away at

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