In the past six months, six out of ten clients have made enquiries about an internet business that can fetch them more and quicker profit than what they are doing presently- “the-get-rich-quick-schemes”…what more can we tell them…there are no get-rich-quick-scheme. Just as there are no get-rich-quick-schemes, so there are no secrets.

If you type in “Opportunities to make money” into Google, you get over 72,100,000 hits; 427,000 if you Google Get-rich-quick-schemes; 594,000,000 if you Google “sex”, but God is up there with 363,000,000 and “work is a staggering 5,670,000,000 so maybe there’s hope for us yet.

Now believe us, they do work. But not for you, not for the mugs who sign up, they work for the instigators, beginners, the ones who launch such schemes…as about 45 million Nigerians, using the internet are looking for ways to adapt to a new world…Internet get-rich-quick schemes still exist as a shortcut to success…and the more you try looking…the less you will see…so don’t go buying any of them either.


Perhaps, you must have come across a mail in your inbox titled United Parcel Service Notification or DHL Notification, Please ignore. UPS and DHL does not and will not send a notification to you. Furthermore, the mail is been sent from an e-mail address that looks like these –,; a file with a .zip extension is always attached with the mail, for you to view, if you try extracting that file, your device operating system will crash the next day.
Please adhere, and inform others, its quite inevitable, because there are over 40million Nigerians using the internet. Remember, no one can reap, where he/she has not sowed.

Chuka Momoh, use to be one of our new clients, he’s internet saavy, and leverages on Internet to increase ROI with respect to his business. Last week, he sent us a support form for his 5 workstations for vulnerability. We arranged for a vulnerability test, and in few mins, we found out that these mails were the cause of his/workstation’s demise.

He told us the mail was sent to all his employee, and they all tried opening the attachement. Alas!there was a 1.2million worth prototype estate on one of the workstation. The only back up they had was one of the compromised workstation.