As the Joint National Association of Persons with Disabilities in Nigeria starts their national convention on Sunday, November 23, planning to raise issues that affect them as a citizen and a call on government to take action on their plights, the drums should seem loud in the ears of those at the helm of affairs that people with disabilities are also concerned about leadership and sustainable development in their society.
As part of their agitation, they will be intimating the federal government of Nigeria about the United Nations Convention on Rights of persons with Disabilities. It should be noted that the United Nations presented a white people calling on government of countries to respect the rights of people with disabilities, but this still remain a far cry from the government of Nigeria’s activities. Disabled people are still been marginalized in the society.Moreover, in some work places, people with disability are refused to take up non hazardous jobs to their health, and those that have these jobs amongst them are been threatened at work place. It’s quite displeasing that banks in Nigeria have not made passage into banks accessible for transactions by disabled people.Nevertheless, this association might be the mouth piece for the disabled people, it should not stop there, it is pertinent for them to intervene and alleviate the suffering of people with disabilities by agitating for the basic needs of people with disabilities in Nigeria. Education is prior, as such, the Nigerian government should be able to provide schools for the less privileged, it could be formal or informal education centre’s because that will be the sit of knowledge, consequently, we’ll start to see less privileged people pulling out of the streets and getting their brains working for them.
The truth about this is just that nobody is taking into cognizance the plight of the privileged people in Nigeria, and there are some development which can be tapped into by less privileged and disabled people; Associations should wake up, and reach out to private bodies which could complement them with their social responsibilities, with infrastructures that will impact knowledge into people with disabilities.Perhaps, the world will be a better place if we all can live in a society where the other man is not been deprived but given hope to and empowered.


In a quest to alleviate poverty and meet up with the Millennium Developmental Goals, the United Nations on November 20, in a meeting with donors, civil society groups and non-governmental organizations in Geneva, appealed for a 7billion dollar humanitarian aid in 2009.

It was said that part of the fund will be directed to feed 2.3 million people affected by conflict in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) where recently there has been an intense fighting that has escalated to displacing people from their homes and a serious epidemic looms. Moreover, 4.5 million people of Darfur in Sudan too will be enjoying a life-saving help from the United Nations, these amounts to 4.5% of the total population of Sudan. Not only that, the fund will be use to provide protection and assistance to about 1million of refugees and displaced people in Eastern Chad.Water,medicines,shelter and emergency schooling will also be provided to 3million conflict-affected Somalis.

Outrightly, it has been said that aids to Africa keep increasing every year from international organisations, multinationals, and charity foundations but development are not feasible in this part of the world. A question that leaders in Africa should begin to ponder about; afterall, there is the infant African Union that seems to create policies for good leadership in Africa. Much more, is the amount of human crisis that is been felt in Africa.

If the UN claims not to deal with government of countries, they should be able to do proper auditing of all these aids and grants that come into Africa every now and then. Is it that the NGO’s are mismanaging the funds or is it a question of attitude towards implementing these figures seen on the pages of our papers everyday? One must ask “which way Africa?”-leadership or International organisations.Perhaps,it tends towards the attitude and vision that is out of place in our leadership.Therefore,if Somalia,DRC,Sudan and Chad are to be benefiting from these largesse, there should be proper monitoring of these funds to achieve the goals it was meant for.