In April 2003, I was walking by the Tao road when i found some pieces of white papers lying in a bush by the roadside.It caught my eye, and i took it up.On opening and straightening the rumpled pieces,i found out it was a story about Olu, a young guy who fell in love with a young girl,Moradeun.

they started a friendship relationship at about three years ago.Olu expected the relationship to have emanated into a full time love experience, but he was dissapointed somehow about Moradeun’s insistence on still wanting the friendship status to continue.Isn’t this getting interesting?It kept my eyes glued to the pieces hoping for a nice ending.

After about 3years, Moradeun gave it to Olu and he became the happiest Man living on earth.According to the script, Olu is a fresh graduate hoping to serve his country soon while Moradeun was preparing to write her final exams in 3months time in the University.

Certainly,Olu expects this could lead him to a happy married life;all this expectation were cut short again when Moradeun told him one day that the love she had for him has been eluded and that she can’t feel the love again.However,she told Olu she had a little bit of that love within herself and also,she doesn’t understand what’s wrong with herself.Is she trying to be careful?sounds interesting.

Olu became persistent and never wanted to let go until one day, Moradeun told him that she’s deeply in love with Olu…mmm,is this not an emotional abuse?They both make promises to hang on to each other.

While in a very intense conversation about their relationship and their future,Olu gave out all that he thinks about Moradeun ending up being his wife,but Moradeun was skeptical. She talked about fear.fear?Later she said Olu should pray over it, maybe God will reveal something to him.Wonderful!Olu accepted to do that.But do you know what?I’ve gotten carried away in the pieces when i found out that the next page i flipped to was the start of the script.Who has the end part of this script?This is a public service announcement to anyone who holds the end part of the mystery that surrounds Olu and Moradeun’s love.Please, do get in touch with me.Thanks a lot!

Whats new?

Ajani Benjani, decided to visit the oldest man in his village who happened to be his uncle,Mr Fani Benjani, after he got the news that he has gotten under the weather.

Ajani got to the old house just at a time his uncle was about giving up the ghost.Ajani was surprised about the thiings that he saw adorning the the sitting room of the house.he took and eye audit of each one.The Old telephone that has been since the time of alexander Graham Bell.he asked his uncle, if he could remember when he bought it,he didnt reply, but just noded.

Still bewildered, he noticed a gramophone that has an inscription of E. Brliner’s signature, and just placed beside it was Roger bacon’s gunpowder.

Ajani couldnt figure out if he was in a museum or lost in an ancient pyramid. Meanwhile, Mr fani who was struggling with Parkinson disease was wondering whats running through ajani’s mind.Ajani was about asking Mr Fani a question when he’s old phone rang(Mr fani),at the same time, Ajani’s phone was beeping with a calling tune.They say,its a best of both world’s-the archaic and the new world! Mr Fani’s maid came to pick the call for him, while Ajani was receiving his call.at the end of both calls, Mr fani took a deep breath and said “we’ve both answered a call, it doesnt matter how innovative yours has gone through,the high point is that we’ve communicated”He affirmed.he continued,that in his lifetime, there has been different innovations, but there aint anything new.From the Telephone to the Gramophone,to the Gunpowder, they have all been and were foundations.

Only one thing is relevant and new, innovation will never take its beauty away and that’s the world most sold book of the the Gospel, it has never changed. From the Pentateuch to the Revelations, none changed and all is relevant. The story about it never grow old, therefore let the greatest story ever told make you brand-new-forever!