Have you ever imagine that on this planet earth we inhabit, there are over 100 currencies in different countries of the world; but are not exchanged at the same rate! Hats just the beauty about it. One currency becomes expensive than the other.

As such, there emanate central Banks of countries that help regulate exchange rates of their currencies against others. Consequently, a foreign exchange market emanates a platform that allows over 3 trillion dollars to be exchanged across the world, quite outrageous! He who shares in this cake is a master of currencies; whichever and whatever it is been called, from the United States USD to the Hong Kong HKD. However, it involves persistency and patience, success doesn’t happen overnight.

In view of this, we’ll like to say a big thank you to all those that have brought about smiles to the faces of some people, maybe u ,maybe me; starting from the vibrant fed Reserves Bernanke, he’s been very faithful to his rate cut’s, the credit crunch and the surprime Mortgage We say. Thumbs up to King BoE for hike in interest rate during the course of the year until the last quarter of the year when he figured out a cut will be necessary. Much love for the resilient ECB President Trichet for keeping the EURO on a tight clean whatnot forgetting Mr. Fukui of the silent Bank of Japan that has been ridden off by carry trades.

The overwhelming pips from the NFP’s will never be forgotten, we’ll continue to appreciate the Canadian employment, we’ll always be thankful to those at the Institute of Supply and management. The Core Retail Sales that have garnered those pippy clouds will never be erased in our memories. To all those goods that have become durable, we wish you’ll continue to be good goods. The CPI’s that’s on check, two thumbs up 4 you!

However, as we cruise into the new year with a whole number of speculators in the market, lets be truthful and faithful to our world, lets take chances and not close up chances. If the oil price is worth where it is right now, lets live it at that!what?isnt it that oil price is going to hit the 100dollar mark? Anyhow,time will tell, OPEC be prepared but cant you just ask yourself, who reaps heavily from an upward oil price?perhaps,the BIG GUYS! To the Big Guns-Goldman Sachs, Bloomberg, Merryl Lynch, Dow Jones Newswire, and a whole lot of others, No more write downs! The emerging markets, keep on the upside; we’ll continue to stand on the fence of diversity, see you on the pip side of life!

Wanted, Mr. Joseph

Chimonda Nonda is the coach of a world renowned athlete from a small town in Maputo. No one ever talked about Mr. Nonda, but he was committed to train people to attain greater heights, defiling those high altitudes. The highest point of all this is just that Mr. Nonda never became jealous of what he has done, but he kept encouraging his athlete on how to best handle being a celebrity.

What about you? Everyone in this world can’t become Gabriel Halie Selassie! We all have different paths to tread on. Whichever way, if it’s the good one, it will impart in a life, never mind if you don’t get credits. The biggest credit comes from the inside, not from people. If you are happy doing that which is good, then forget the credit from people.

Don’t give up on anybody, they might surprise you. Stick to your plans, they’ll work out. Meanwhile, does anyone know what happened to Mr. Joseph? He’s responsible for this season that has brought good tidings to our world. I’ve searched archives, museums and house of fossils; no one seems to know the whereabouts of this young man. He was never remembered, but his Son was! The great riddles of life; you might not be Mr. Slim, you know him? The richest man in the world according to Forbes magazine, perhaps President Bush, George Jr. the most controversial and influential President in the world. Yes!

It doesn’t really matter our position, it is how we live our moments. If a million people is sited at the Madison watching a blockbuster, 5% of them will stay to see the credits at the end of the movie. You know what that means? But the industry is not bordered about that, they need those credits to unleash an Oscar winning movie. The industry appreciates them, so also the creator of the world, God appreciates Mr. Joseph!


Does anyone in this world Knows that failure and success, goes hand in hand. One will never occur without the other been experienced. Meanwhile, there shouldn’t be a misconception about what success is. It’s not about the money you have in your pocket, not about those mansions on the Boardwalk, or how fat your account at HSBC is. Its all about those people that you’ve touched or changed the course of their living. As such you need to keep tabs on your feedback, its quite important. Think about this, if one doesn’t fail one can’t succeed.

Will you please ask Henry ford how many times he had failed in constructing a car before he eventually got his superbrand-Ford.What about Sir Alex Ferguson, Manchester United FC of England’s coach, after failing 8years since he took the coaching job, he eventually got his first premiership title, not only that, he has had 10premiership titles till date, thats definitely awesome! It doesn’t happen by accident, you must pay your dues.

Without a disorder, there can’t be orderliness. If things seems not to be going your way, check yourself, your goals, and see if really you are on the right path. If you are, then be persistent, you’ll get there and if otherwise, try and rewrite your goals and stick to them; A million distractions will want to slide you off the park place.

Be resilient! Don’t border much about those things you don’t have now, it’s a blessing building you for a better tomorrow. Jesus advent into this world doesn’t mean we won’t fail; he came as a light to this dark world. Those who have peace within thrive within that strife.